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Unleashed the Monster
- Posted September 26, 2011 -
What a year of racing,it was a tight points battle all year. Being friends with all the Champions it was hard to pick a favorite one to win the Track Championship. But at the end someone let the MONSTER OUT. Monster Lou Rausch was the winner over Jeff Freeman Jr. in the run off. All the champions and racer at Cordova Dragway Park are the best friends a photographer could ask for. We love are Family here.

2011 Champions

Lou Rausch Super Pro and Track Champion
Steve Marquis Pro ET
Jeff Freeman JR Super ET
Justin (the bomb squad) Rosenbohm True Street
Mike Klemme Bike
Rick Verkler Layne Super 16
Clint Michl High School
Allison Guenther Super JR
Austin Folger Novice JR
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