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John Force Interview
- Posted May 17, 2011 -
In this column I am going to share the interviews that I did on our trip to Firebird Raceway in Phoenix AZ. From the National Time Trials. I had a great time and I hope that you enjoy them. I am starting with John Force.


Q. Who is the real John Force?

A. Your standing here looking at him. I'm just the same here as I am at home.

Q. What are some of your Hobbies and interests?

A. I have a car collection because of my small car museum. But Drag Racing is my real hobby, and I also like motorcycles. I also collect Elvis stuff.

Q. Tell me about your family life?

A. I have four daughters. Adra is my oldest, then Ashley who also drives, and Britney and Courtney who are still in High School.

Q. Who are some of the people that you look up to in the sport? A lot of the driver say they look up to you.

A. The guys that have led me down the road. Don Prudhomme, Kenny Bernstein, Jim Dunn, people like that. Then there is definitely Austin Coil, Bernie Fedderly, John Medlen, and all my guys I look up to them the most. There are also a lot of good drivers out there, Chuck Worsham guys that I came up from the bottom with that are still out here. Then there's the young drivers out there, Ron Capps, Tony Pedregon, Gary Scelzi just real good people trying to make it and doing a good job at it.

Q. What class did you start in?

A. Funny Car really.

Q. What would you tell the Jr Dragster kids starting today?

A. To get an education, cause if you learn to drive the car, then with education when you grow up you will learn how to pay for a car. Finding the money to race is the big issue.

Q. What advice would you give a new driver?

A. Be a good listener.

Q. What is your favorite place to race?

A. I like them all, I've been coming to Firebird since it opened, I like Texas, Dallas, Englishtown N.J. and actually my home track Pomona.

Q. How do you pick your crew?

A. They turn in resumes to Bernie Fedderly he does all the hiring.

Q. Would you say that you have made any mistakes in your career?

A. To many to list, but I take each mistake and turn it into a learning lesson for me. I take nothing negative in life, even if it is bad. I just try and figure out how to go on from there.

Lynn : Thank You John

John : Your Welcome

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