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An Interview with Eric Medlen
- Posted May 17, 2011 -
Q. Who is the real Eric Medlen?

A. I think anybody who's looked at this interviews or sees some of these interviews or TV shows that I have done. What you have seen is the only person that I can be and that is I just try to be real, I don't know how to be any other way, I'm not the movie star Brad Pitt or anyone else. I just try to deal from the heart, tell everyone what I think and how I feel, and what everything feels like, how great this is and just be me.

Q. What are your other interests and hobbies?

A. To tell you the truth when you work on a team like this you don't have time. I haven't really acquired any hobbies, my interests are racing in general, boat racing, NASCAR, drag racing any of it is extremely cool. I like going to the movies, and I got into radio control cars.

Q. What about your family life?

A. I visit my mom; she lives in Oakdale Ca. maybe 1 or 2 times a year. Not to take anything away from my blood family but this is my family really John, Austin, my Dad, Bernie, Rob and the guys. There my family, so life is pretty good, I get to spend a lot of time with that family and you grow with these guys. That is what it takes to be a champion you have to live and breathe with these guy and become one.

Q. Do you and your Dad have a good relationship?

A. Yes very good. Since growing up as a little kid he was my buddy. We were always together, except when he and my Mom split up and he moved. He got into a boat accident and he started going to the gym and I went to the gym with him. There was a lot of time in elementary school I remember I wasn't in school, I would take my book with me and I would go to the boat Nationals in Georgia and Louisiana with him, I was always with my Dad. Now to be able to do this with him it's unbelievable.

Q. Who are some of the people you look up to?

A. Mostly the older guys, my Dad, Bernstein, the greats - Garlits, Shirley and of course John Force, the Snake, Gene Snow, Tim & Kim Richards, Dale Armstrong those guys are the greatest.

Q. What class did you start running in?

A. I was just pursuing a dream; I really didn't think there was a chance of driving. I came to the realization that hey, I'm totally happy working on the car. I've been with John for 8 of his Championships so I was happy to be a part of the team. Most of my experience is in shifter cars, 125 mph cars you do the wrong thing and you'll end up over the fence. Go-carts are 1 step down from Indy cars. Then I went to Frank Hawley's school and drove the Alcohol Funny Car.

Q. Would you encourage the Jr. Dragster Kids?

A. Absolutely, I think the Jr's are the way to start and then move your way up, but don't ever settle where your at. Dreams are there for a reason, they are there so you can acquire them. Anyone in the world can achieve anything; it's all how badly that you want it. If you want it bad enough you will work hard and go through thick and thin to get it.

Q. What advice would you give an up and coming driver?

A. Just go out there and try hard and never settle for second best and if you are second best be OK with it, don't get so down on yourself. Or you could loose sight of what your real goal is, everything happens for a reason. You have to have peaks and valleys, because if you don't when your up on the peak how do you know if this is good or bad. Just don't get discouraged about bad times. That's when the guys are working the hardest and there saying hey guys good job. It's better to build people up, then to chop them down. They're going to do a better job because of that.

Q. What is your favorite track to race at?

A. It's got to be Vegas or Phoenix or Gainesville, that the only three tracks I've been too (this was a interview from Feb.) But I've always like Pomona because of the mountains with the snow in the back ground, it's the first race and everything is fresh and new, with everything just getting settled. Indy because of the history, they all have their special characteristics.

Q. What is your biggest mistake so far?

A. Wow, I always wonder what if? I got out of the groove a few times and the car shock, I think those were mistakes. The Lord put you in kind of a path and your suppose to take that path.

Q. Do you like driving more than the mechanical?

A. I like them both they both hold a place in my heart, they're a feeling of accomplishment; so I guess I have to say both.

Thanks Eric and good luck.

Thank You

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